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Thursday, April 20, 2006

All Roads Lead To The Madness Gig

At 10:41am there was an explosion of excitement at my desk. An email arrived announcing the long-awaited sale of tickets for this year's Christmas Tour by Madness. The dates were announced last month, but what with all the arguments over what artwork to use in the promotion, the sale of tickets had to be put off until it was all ironed out. They decided on some stills taken for the release of the Dangermen album last year, and so now the tickets are available.

The gig in question is for the Glasgow leg of the UK tour at the 10,000 capacity SECC. This will be different for me in that there will be little drinking on my part, and I will be in the seated area, not the mosh-pit. Reason being, this will also be Laura's first Madness gig. She's already learning the songs and dances. I got tickets for the front row of the seats right in the centre so there is plenty of room for skanking and nutty dancing. It was a long wait today till I saw her so I could tell her, but when I did, much jumping around and stupid noises ensued.

I started work on the skeleton for the e-book. I picked out a few fonts for the cover and inside headers and eventually settled on one. I designed the rough layout and played around with the format for a bit. Not sure whether I want to do it in portrait page-by-page or landscape so I can have two sides to each view.

Some of the illustrations are a bit iffy. The ideas are there it's just getting them onto the paper that can be a problem. I'll just have to keep on sketching.

It's coming together nicely though.

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