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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Creative Orifice

It's getting warmer here every day. Global warming? Or signs that it's going to be a magic summer? Personally, I think there's nothing worse than having to plod to work in the soaring heat of the Scottish sun (yes, it does exist). I prefer the cold of an autumn breeze and the tightness of a thundering cloud. That said, there is surely nothing finer than sitting by the river under the summer sun, a cold pint in hand and some slow reggae oozing from a nearby bar.

I was aching to write more poems today but being in work only cramped my creativity. It was as though a cork had been plugged into my creative orifice and the pressure behind it was building. I managed one on the way out of the shower. I started singing the first line and realised I had to write it down so I could finish it later. Another came to me during snooker - about Russian tractors, no less - which I also scribbled down in the middle of a frame.

It's funny how these poems exit the 'orifice'. It was the same with Fringe Fantastic. One day they just drop like golden eggs and other days you have to squeeze them out until the veins in your forehead are about to pop.

The sketches for them are not quiet so forthcoming. I'll do one or two for each one and see how the situation stands afterwards. If it doesn't add up to anything then I'll just leave them out. the one about the monkeys on the raft stands out on its own anyway.

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