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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nutty Training

I woke mid-morning to the sound of Shrek 2 blaring from the TV set downstairs. I called the house phone from my mobile and Laura answered. We decided to arrange to meet Gail for lunch at noon seeing as it was such a lovely day outside.

When we got outside we discovered it was sunny, but the wind was horrendously strong. We lifted our coats over our heads in Leith Links and were nearly blown all the way to Joppa.

We met with Gail and went to a glamorous little saloon called The Bowler's Rest. It's like Clark's, but with nobody in it. We had lunch and then walked out into a sudden vertical rainstorm. By the time we got to the end of the road we were soaked through and the sun had come back out. The wind helped to blow-dry us though.

When we got home the first part of my training kicked in for the Christmas Madness tour in December. Me and Laura sat and watched Divine Madness to see what real pop music videos are all about. She's picking up the choruses and I've given her the greatest hits on her MP3 player to learn the rest of the words.

Two rejections came in today; Loaded and What A Waste both dumped by Fringe Magazine.

Thew work goes on.

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