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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Drinking Coffee 'Till The Early Hours

Spring has arrived. Beautiful blue skies accompanied wispy clouds and a mild fresh breeze making last weeks rain and hail a distant memory. All of a sudden summer seems not too far off and my mind turns as ever, to walking through Camden Town in north London. The backdrop of reggae and blue beat matches my steps and the smell of food and smoke wafts past. I arrive at a suitably chosen bar with open windows or a beer garden and plonk myself down for the afternoon with a pint of the good stuff.

But this is Edinburgh and a far cry from NW1.

I was off work today - hooray!! It's the Easter holidays and so I had an awesome morning. I made coffee and toast and lay in bed eating it while watching a couple of episodes of Frasier on Channel 4. Then I showered, checked my email and posted my blog, the SDR blog (30 Years Of Punk And A New Kind Of Music Journalism), and then took Laura to see Ice Age 2 at the cinema. We really enjoyed it, it was our kind of film, full of stupidity and daftness.

With a nightshift impending tomorrow night I stayed up until 3am working on Stella and drinking coffee. I need to get tuned in to the overnight mentality and so will sleep on tomorrow morning so I can be best prepared for what is going to be a very long shift. There's huge changes taking place in the industry and I have to be on-site while the company that pays my salary implements them.

It'll be quiet if nothing else, though it's a shame the drinks machine churns out a cross between kidney by-products and tar and calls it coffee.

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Colin 7:17 pm


Sounds like the coolest day! (No pun intended about Ice Age)

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