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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I was extremely busy at work today so got nothing much done over lunch or at any other time I could squeeze in. The first half of the day was spent preparing for and doing a presentation to some senior managers. I had to talk about something that I could write on the back of a cigarette packet, yet managed to fill it out with slides and patter that amazingly, impressed the bosses. It's my writing skills combined with my natural ability to talk bullshit that made for a compelling presentation in difficult circumstances.
Someone once told me I should be a salesman. I can talk, get on with people and apparently those two attributes put together mean you can sell with a bit of experience. I never fancied it though, but sometimes I think it would be better being out on the road meeting different people all the time rather than stuck in this flu-infested sick-hole.

I'm sure I made the correct decision though. It's my bitterness about the Rat Race that will no doubt make a gripping best seller some day.

The Guinness was off at the snooker club and I'm sure it contributed to my struggling 4-4 draw. The legal requirement in this country is to clean the pipes once a week, and that's what these guys do. But by the end of the week the beer tastes crap. The pubs that serve the best beer clean their pipes every couple of days and I wish that's what they would do at the snooker club. There's nothing worse than poorly administered taps.

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Colin 11:31 am


I guess when you think about it, writing fiction and talking both require high levels of bullcrapexpertise - so if you've got it, as you say, no wonder you're good at both!
Hang in - I suspect someday you'll make it as a full time writer, and the job will be nothing but a distant nightmare.

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