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Monday, March 20, 2006

Too Many Mondays

It really was a crappy day today. The weather was dire, I felt tired from the get-go, and I had the Monday morning isn't-it-shite-tae-be-back-at-work-blues. I couldn't find a shirt to wear, forgot my handy USB key drive and something is wrong with the filter in my fish tank.

God this is dull, even for a Monday.

I wore my light jacket to work thinking the mild weather would hold out, but by lunchtime when I went to the post office I realised my mistake. As I walked to the post office at a 45 degree angle in the horizontal rain and freezing wind, I reflected on my error and wished I was back home.

I did this today because I was bored (saw it on Mik's site):

You're 0% Irish

You're not Irish. Not even a wee bit.

Not even on St. Patrick's Day!

How Irish Are You?

That's because I'm 100% this ~

Ho, ho, ho!

I neglected to mention I received some correspondence last week while I was off with the cold. The Barcelona Review wrote to ask why my submission of Heart of a Child was time stamped with March 2002 and asked if it was a recent submission.

For some reason the clock in my PC had changed itself to 2002 and thus all emails I sent out that day had the wrong year instead of 2006. Total pain in the ass.

Outercast Magazine rejected What A Waste on March 18th. Funny, because I thought I had sent them The Oasis. I smell something rotten in the submission spreadsheet.

Having spent the weekend in Glasgow, I'm finding that I am missing her very much. I watched a couple of episodes of Still Game mainly to see the city on my screen but also for the superb laugh it always gives me.

For more information about Fringe Fantastic, please go to the website:

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