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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Submission Game

The late night last night and bevvy consumed made it almost impossible to get out my bed this morning. I felt ready for my kip by half past nine last night, so when I finally got to bed at 1am I was totally knackered.

I managed to crawl out my kip though, and drank copious amounts of coffee in espresso form to get the old heart started when I did.

I posted a few updates to my main website today, Most updates mainly to do with latest publications and The Scruffy Dog Review.

I gave a final read through and edit of TGMAOLS then submitted it to Zygote in my Coffee. I continued working through my revamped Fiction Publisher's Index and prepared several pieces for going back out onto the circuit.

Every unpublished piece I have is now on submission again and the good thing is the way I have laid out my submission strategy. It means I can target more appropriate journals and e-zines quicker and easier. This means my work will be on the circuit more often and it won't take as long to turnaround when (if) they get rejected.

I took me most of the evening to get all that lot sorted but it's good to spend at least once or twice a month running through everything, keeping it all up-to-date and trying to get more publishing credits.

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