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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Well the walk to work was hellish. Thanks to the strike there were no buses running so I had to walk to work. Half way along Bonnington Road I stood on a stone, normally not a problem but it highlighted an area of my sole that badly needs repaired when the small rock forced its way through the thin leather and into the ball of my foot. Fucking agony it was and I probably screamed like a little girl while I was doubled over trying to get the wee shit out.

So in the long-term I will have to get my shoes resoled or new ones altogether. In the short-term, I still had to make the return walk home with the hole in the shoe. Lovely.

I posted a biography of Janice Galloway on TSDR Blog because I didn't have anything else ready to write about. I usually scan the papers and websites during the week for things to write for the column but nothing caught my eye this week.

Worked on the first part of my Scotland's Treasure column for the May issue of The Scruffy Dog Review; a review of the Rab Howat Band.

I printed off Stella and the first few chapters of Hunting Jack so I can edit them on paper and I read through a large chunk of my friend's manuscript. It's an excellent read, most enjoyable, in fact it's responsible for me sleeping in a couple of days when I've been unable to stop reading it at night.

Naturally it started to rain heavily shortly before I left the office. It wasn't long before my jacket was soaked through and my shoes flooded thanks to the small and annoying hole in the sole. I stopped off in the fish shop on Leith Walk for a wee look at their current stock (and for a bit of a heat) and ended up coming away with a beautiful Siamese Fighting Fish. It really is a magnificent specimen with its long silk-flowing fins and deep maroon colour. It is a great addition to my collection but I'll have to keep an eye on it. Despite its name, it tends to be the one that gets picked on.

By the time I got home I was drookit. Every part of me was wet, cold and hungry. I got changed and had some dinner before settling down in front of the PC to do some writing.

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