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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Catch Up

It's been a good few days and I've been hell of a busy. Since last Wednesday there has been some personal successes and a couple of failures. The good stuff took me high and the bad stuff wasn't that bad as to bring me back down too far.

Work has taken an interesting turn to a place that I might just be able to resurrect areas of my job in a way that leaves me more marketable and flexible. A strategy has been formed and I intend to carry it out. It's still shite to be here, but the smell has lessened slightly.

I sent off a copy of Fringe Fantastic to the person in line to get a copy in the PSH Great Poetry Book Exchange. The 2006 E-Book Free-For-All is coming soon, which is the one I did Brick by Brick for last year. Not sure if I'll do the freebie one again. It's all about time at the moment and the priority of the work I want to get through first. We shall see though - I love doing them.

I'm still trying to get a hold of a copy of East Lothian Magazine and Scotland Magazine to check out the reviews of Fringe Fantastic. I want to use some quotes on the website if they aren't bad ones.

Friday saw me out for a couple of pints in Clark's, my last in a smoke-filled bar in Scotland. I had a pint with Dave at lunch to catch up and then another couple with Zander after work. It was his leaving bash as he is off to pastures new. A different company with the same old crap. The world of project management may never be the same again, but I wish him all the best of luck.

Saturday was fantastic as I had a day out with my wife. We don't often get out together as much as I would like but the opportunity was there and we took it. We popped in for a couple of drinks at Gai's pal's flat and listened to some music then got a cab up to Bannerman's on the Cowgate. We watched the weekly performance of the Rab Howat Band in the back room. The first half of the set was crap, all ballads and slow boring numbers. When they came out for the second half Rab said, "Enough of this lovey-dovery shit - let’s rock!" And they did. It was the best performance I've seen of Rab Howat in many a year. A full review of this gig will appear in The May issue of The Scruffy Dog Review/a>.

After the gig we had another few drinks before deciding on something to eat. We had a quick Italian in a restaurant on the Grassmarket, which turned into somewhat of a melee when a chunk of chocolate fudge cake landed in my glass of wine. Undeterred by this, I took Gail and Sam to The Last Drop where we made our home for the rest of the night.

Sam spent the rest of the evening moaning about being tired and full after her meal. She wanted to go home but with the help of a stag party from Leeds, she was talked into staying out a little longer.

We finally left at about half past eleven and got a taxi up the road. We dropped off Sam and when we got in, popped open a bottle of champagne we've had sitting in the drinks cupboard for way too long. We stuck on some tunes and drank and talked until the early hours.

When we woke to Ian ringing the doorbell at 11am there was a moment of terror. I thought it was only 10am, after having reminded everybody to put their clocks back. I suddenly realised how wrong I was when Gail's folks turned up outside for them to go to a Mother's Day meal with Gail's Mum and Gran. It was of course 12 o'clock and I had got it all wrong.

After a severe ass-whipping - it really was a great Sunday morning - I tidied up, read, drank coffee, phoned my Mum and then wrote for the remainder of the day.

For more information about Fringe Fantastic, please go to the website:

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