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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dinner And Rugby

Not much to tell about yesterday hence the non-entry. I took a half day today to spend time at home in the afternoon, and the day extended into the evening. It was a general family kind of day.

Today was all about the in-laws coming for dinner although for the first couple of hours was just me and Ian drinking beer and watching Scotland take on Ireland in the penultimate game of the Six Nation's Championship. A win for either team would put them into pole position going into the last weekend.

Scotland were beaten 15-9. A mix of Ireland being just too good and the fact it was the last ever match that would be played at Lansdowne Road, gave the game extra importance to the Irish. We held in there for a lot of the match but were never quite as good. Next week, Italy in Rome.

Earlier today I spent time up town. I got a couple of books out of Waterstones, one of which by was edited by Paul Auster. True Tales of American Life is a book of short tales from people all over America, tales that are almost like fiction and just as inspiring. It's a good book to pick up and read for a few minutes then put down again to go do something else while you think about it.

I also bought a CD with a token I had been given and some herbs for the meal later that day. Also purchased was some more fish. A new catfish, three Electric Blue Gourami's and three Fire Red Gourami's. More on that on the other blog but the tank is a beautiful array of colours now.

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Mmmm I miss Waterstones. Which CD did you buy?

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