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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Books By Phone

Feeling quite low at the moment. Low and tired. Mostly tired I think. I think it's something to do with the changing of the seasons, winter into spring and my body is not ready for it. Or it could just be that I'm just a lazy bastard and need a swift boot in the baws to get me going again.

Spring is making an effort to rise. The flowers around Leith Links have bloomed and the air; it's still nippy and chilly but it's fighting hard against the mild mornings and sunny blue skies. It won't be long until everything warms up again, then I'll have lots to moan about it being too warm for anything to get done.

Last week I got a call on my mobile VMX from a lady asking about my book, Fringe Fantastic. I wrote down the number but lost it. I finally found it tonight and so rang her up to find out how I could help, because initially I thought she might work for one of the magazines I sent PR's to.

She wanted to buy my book after seeing the review in the East Lothian Life. Apparently they printed a review but I wasn't told about it. I took the ladies order and realised there is a whole channel of marketing I haven't tapped into yet.

Not everyone has a computer and so it would make sense for there to be a method of ordering and paying by post. I'll need to look into this a little bit more however, as I don't want to publish my home address. A PO Box will probably be needed before I can go ahead with that.

But it is good to know that with the reviews of the book finally being published, the returns are being felt straight away. I'll buy a copy of the magazine and of course issue 25 of Scotland Magazine is due out soon, which will also have a review in it.

I had wondered why the hits to the book website had suddenly soared earlier on this week. I just put it down to a freak occurrence but obviously there's a lot of interested people out there. Hopefully they'll be interested enough to buy a copy.

For more information about Fringe Fantastic, please go to the website:

Colin 2:58 pm


Yes, get a PO box at the most convenient post office on your daily route. And that can be posted on the web, and also on your bookmarks, postcards, etc., for orders. Also, it's good to route your fan mail through the PO box, so you don't end up using your home address.

Feel better -- the seasonal shift always takes a toll, doesn't it?

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