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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Little Green Invaders

I didn't manage to get through a lot today. There were a lot of frustrating interruptions which kept my mind and my hand away from the job in hand.

Someone keeps wiping snot on the walls and mirrors in the toilet cubicles at work. Big huge splats of phlegm and mucus splattered al over the place. It's disgusting, though I've come to expect that kind of thing in here.

It's not unusual to see massive un-flushed turds floating in the lavvy like nuclear submarines in a harbour. Or reaching up to pull out some toilet paper and getting your hand wet with "something" dripping from the dispenser. Or the best one was a half-used and open tube of Preparation-H, which some poor bugger had left lying around after applying the cream to their anus.

Lovely place this.

I managed some editing on TGMAOLS but that was about it. I've been chopping chunks off left, right and center so it's very tight, short and quirky. One more read tomorrow - I hope - and off it goes tomorrow night. This is a very experimental piece so I'm not putting too much expectation behind it.

Despite being shattered I went to the snooker with my FIL and sank a few pints. It was a close fought encounter, which I lost 5-4. As usual there was some hilarious banter on the go, most of which, I daren't repeat here.

Needless to say, when he and my MIL come over for dinner this Saturday, the rugby WILL be getting shown.

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Colin 2:08 pm


Ewwwww! That's so gross, Col. Makes one tempted to leave little notes around mentioning if they didn't quite get the whole 'potty training' thing when they were young, or are missing the part in their brain separating us from the apes and therefore have the uncontrolable urge to throw their bodily ejections at walls etc. they could at least clean it up. If I ever figured out who that person is (germ-phobe I am) I would probably order a hit. They endanger others lives with their disgusting inconsideration.
Sounds almost as bad as working for the government!!!!

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