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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Rat Race Bites

I fucking hate this place!

Today we were treated like goddamn infants, I kid you not. We (10 adult, professional employees) were told in no uncertain terms, that we had all to spend the next hour thinking about our contribution, writing it down and sending the results to our manager.

Excuse me? Do we get to play a game of Hands Down Thumbs Up when we're finished? And how long is it until playtime 'cos I weally need to go, miss!

I was raging. I told the boss in my own terms how patronising I found the whole thing and that I thought it was totally childish. If this is the sort of shite that is meant to motivate an already fucked up workforce, it's no wonder this company is sliding down the tubes to the land of no respect or decency OR profit. 'Put the staff first' used to be this company's ethos, and once upon a time it did work. Put your fucking ego first, you mean, and to hell with the rest. Is it any wonder not one person in my department respects any of the management and hates the work we are being handed?

Morale has never been at a lower ebb.

There is no greater motivation in the world than a bunch of egotistical, patronising, self-obsessed company full of managers who shit on the staff any chance they get. It's them that will ultimately prove the driving force to get me out of here and into a life of successful writing. Not even the world's worst bout of writer's block can stop me against that.



What to talk about.

Oh yeah - it pished with rain half the day and the other half it was freezing. This made it very awkward for the smokers outside our building as their fags either hung like damp squibs from between their lips or were blown to the Dunbar on the strong north-easterly wind.

I took my frustration at the days events in the snooker hall. Four pints of Guinness and a trouncing victory over my FIL (8-1 to me) didn't make me feel any better about having to come back in to work the next day, but it did make it seem a long way off.

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Colin 10:51 am


I'm sorry about the work situation, Col. That isn't healthy for anyone. Hopefully you won't have to put up with it much longer.

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