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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Coming Home

The journey back from South Shields was not as productive as Friday's going in the other direction. I found myself nodding off some of the way and avoiding the drunks for the rest. Well I did manage to come up with a title for the story I wrote on Friday; Under the Skin.

A group of guys were off to see Scotland play France at Murrayfield in the first match of this year Six Nations Championship. The train was running very late and they had to resign themselves to their on-board carry-out instead of actually getting to the game.

We got to Edinburgh around 50 minutes later than planned and I headed straight home. The house was in uproar from all the work going on. Amazingly, I was suffering no signs of a hangover today other than bouts of tiredness so I got stuck in. Well - after I watched Scotland beat France 20-16; the first time it's been done in a decade. I can only imagine the celebrations that went on in Edinburgh tonight after the game.

Could this be the return of Scotland back to some assemblance of form?

By later in the evening it was food time. I hadn't eaten since early morning and Gail hadn't had much either. A swift call to the local Chinese restaurant was made, and half an hour some Chinese noodle soup and chicken fried rice was duly delivered.

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