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Monday, January 30, 2006


When I went to work this morning the street temperature was minus 6 degrees Celsius. Luckily I had my Madness beanie hat on to keep my baldy napper safe and warm.

I definitely benefited from that great sleep yesterday. I was up and about and feeling dandy at 6am and out the door nice and early for work. Makes a change.

I wrote tomorrow's TSDR Blog entry after reading an article in today's Scotsman over lunch. David Icke has hit the news again but when you dig a little bit into what he's been doing since that famous interview on Wogan fifteen years ago, it appears he has embarked on a crazy, yet rewarding life. My article will publish tomorrow.

I did some more work on Hunting Jack. I'm changing the ending. Yes, it will be different. I want it to be open and natural, suspended yet rounded.

In short, there will be more from Jackie McCann in the future.

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Colin 3:19 pm


Congrats on the HUNTING JACK breakthrough.

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