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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shame On The TV Producers

I got the first decent sleep I've had in over a month last night. One of those ones where you need to be peeled out of your slumber and you feel numb from the eyelids down. It was what my body has been crying out for since I got back from Aberfoyle; a rejuvenating, undisturbed, dream-packed sleep.

I got up and had some coffee. Ian was already round and much of the day was spent finishing off the tidying and helping Ian get the burglar alarm installed. Well, not so much helping, more hanging around waiting to be given something to do.

There's no cellar under the house as we suspected there might have been. Some of the houses on our side do and we thought it might be a handy place to store more junk, but alas it wasn't to be. Instead we have some of the best examples of crappy wiring ever seen, as well as handy access points blocked by piping so it's almost impossible to get under the floorboards. And this house was built by a builder?

The sun set early over the city today leaving everywhere below freezing by dinnertime. I love this weather. I'd rather live in this than in a constant life-sapping heat.

Something I neglected to mention in yesterday's post - Saturday Night Television. Saturday TV used to be an event. It was something the whole family could sit down and enjoy after dinner and everything would be swell. Everyone got what they wanted in some form or another.

Over the last few years standards have slipped, as we all know, but these last couple of years has seen the TV people descend into a complete state of mind where they don't care about anything except ratings. These ratings revolve mostly around reality TV shows that themselves revolve around singing, dancing or both.

I'm talking about shows like Pop Idol, The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, and now Dancing On Ice. I hate these programmes. I cannot emphasise this enough. Everyone wants to be famous and think that they have the talent to sing and dance their way into the nation's hearts. Even the shows that have C-list celebrities, who just use them to try and gain popularity for themselves. It's got to the point I cannot watch it anymore and I usually leave the room to go do something else.

Surely family entertainment should be for the family, not just for those who like this kind of trash TV? By pandering to this niche market the TV companies are alienating sections of the TV License payers public. I blame the TV companies for these family breakdowns because they give no other alternative. It's either stay and be bored shitless or leave the room while the rest of your family are thrilled by talentless squibs.

What is going to happen to our children if they grow up to believe all this marketing and hype of false hope? What will happen when they realise it is too late to get memories of watching family TV when only half the family are there; the other half drive out by the sheer crappiness of it.

I fear the worst.

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Colin 11:06 am


The only way to get rid of the programming is if people TURN IT OFF. No viewers, no ratings.

Unfortunately, too many morons are hooked on reality tv. I agree, it's vile.

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