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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Today is my wee sister, Lindsay's, 27th birthday.


And not forgetting; Here's tae Rabbie Burns!

Got through a lot of the editing for Hunting Jack; 4 issues and around 4,000 words. There are a lot more "continuity" errors towards the end than the beginning. Things like using the wrong names or characters not quite moving around logically.

Good to get these straightened out and now I am approaching the end of the story, I am finding I am moving round the original plot a lot more. I'm making it more dramatic, interesting and pulling for the reader. I'm asking "What if" a lot more and using what comes out of that where I think it adds to the storyline. I'm coming to understand the story on another level, too; something I hadn't expected when I started to read back over it.

The next edit will be more in-depth. It will handle the pot more and and will involve me making more dramatic changes to the background and to the future. I want to do more with Jackie, and even if this book never gets published the one thing I can take from it is an understanding of what Jackie McCann is all about.

Went out in the evening. Drank four pints and drew 4-4 at snooker. It was a day of four's.

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Colin 2:09 pm


Happy birthday, Lindsay!! (Or belated now...)

I'm finding the same types of things as I edit Mending Resolute, Col. I actually started calling a character a completely different name! Weird...

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