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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Believe

Sent off my Robert Burns article to Circadian Poems. Final word count was circa 2500 so I think it may get split over two days. It has a natural break in it anyway so I reckon that will work and make it easier on the eye.

Got news that Fringe Fantastic has reached the good old US of A. Several of the competition winners and people who ordered copies have sent in emails to say their books arrived. Hopefully, they will still be smiling after they have had time to read it.

I didn't get any writing done in the evening as planned. I had things to do - things I would have talked about last year happily enough, but as this is now a restricted blog thanks to the patheticness of other people, you'll have to make do with that little tit-bit instead.

I got the latest issue of Writing Magazine. The winner of last years 'Dictionary' competition was announced. Needless to say, it wasn't me, thogh I thoght I stood a good chance. This means that my delicate story of loneliness and grievance is free to be submitted as a short story on the circuit. I marked up my Submission Tracker and will select a few suitable publications to send it to.

Which got me to thinking. I said in my GDR review that last year I had NO short stories published during 2005. In fact, I've only had one published ever - Once a Borderer by This Is It Magazine in May 2004.

Everything else has been my e-serial, poetry, chapbooks and non-fiction articles.

Last year, however, I had Heart of a Child accepted by Wild Child, which was subsequently pulled by me and Daffodils accepted with conditions by NFG, only to be foiled when the publication folded. Neither of these stories has found a placement yet. Both are good enough to be published.

What is it that makes me put up with rejection after disappointment after rejection? It's not just that I am stubborn, or that I am naturally resistant to getting depressed over rejection letters. It's not just my determination to see my stories published. It goes deeper than all that. I believe in my work. I believe in it so much I know it will get there in the end and that I will succeed in the end.

I'm not much of a believer in much else - I have no Faith I can relate to. But when it comes to this writing lark, I BELIEVE!

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Colin 1:12 pm


Thanks for the "I believe" comments - it's so easy to get discouraged in all of this. It helps to be reminded of the spirit a person must have to keep writing.

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