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Saturday, January 28, 2006


I had such a minging hangover today. I didn't; nae couldn't get up until after lunch such was my agony. Dicky tummy and swimming head all symptoms of a heavy night. But it was worth it. I think. I might be getting too old for this sort of thing.

I eventually managed to eat some lunch; Scotch pie and beans - probably not the best idea but I needed something hot and stodgy in me. I washed it down with some Irn-Bru - God's gift to the Scottish.

I spent the afternoon getting my office tidy and organised, I'm fed up with the way it seems to get overloaded with papers and books. Gail's right - how can I possibly read five books at once? Things are going to change in here. I am going to make myself write until the feeling comes back. I feel detached from myself artistically and I need to get back into the 'zone'. I'm not waiting for it top happen any longer - I'm going to make it happen and getting my office sorted will help sort out my frame of mind.

With a shift at work to do from 9pm I put my head down for forty winks early evening and set the alarm for 8pm. I must have turned the alarm off in my sleep because I woke to the sound of a taxi pulling up outside. I just knew it was mine and sure enough when I looked at the clock it was 8.45 and my pre-booked cab was outside waiting. I threw on my clothes, kissed the girls goodnight and shot off into the coldness of Edinburgh.

Work was slow but after it was complete I had several hours waiting while it was tested by the business people. This allowed me to do some writing! Yes - writing. I wrote out several blog entries to catch up with my fish blog and I worked on Hunting Jack. It's getting more complicated towards the end because I'm making some major changes i.e. people not dying after all etc. I read over what I already have down for Stella and also made a carefully thought out decision.

I am not going to write anymore short stories until Stella and A Friend To Die For are complete. I have article and column commitments to fulfil but as for short fiction, I am putting a hold on it while I get myself back into the rut of large fictional projects. There is nothing in my WIP folder for this so I'm not leaving anything hanging.

I eventually got away from work at 2am; tired and gagging for a decent cup of tea. I had a quick one when I got in and hit the sack.

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