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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Liberalism Gone Mad

Julie, the girl in my team is from Currie, west of Edinburgh. Now I'm in the mood for some Indian food. Maybe a Chicken Dhansak or a Lamb Dupiaza with pilau rice and naan bread.

This weekend - perhaps.

Work was slow; lots going and none of it going right. Usual story. This weekend's work now has a higher risk factor attached to it than would otherwise normally have been. I've ensured my head won't be on the block should the revolution come. Thanks to signed letters of agreement, I'll only be a bystander.

I watched Question Time in the evening. The latest Liberal Democrat to release some big news, proudly stood his ground on national telly. Personally, I think this latest development is a superb PR exercise designed to deflect the bad press the LibDems were getting over the alcoholic revelations of Charles Kennedy and the way he was treated, followed shortly by Mark Oaten's revelation that he prefers young rent-boys to his wife and kids.

Simon Hughes "coming out" has put the public's gaze firmly on him in a more sympathetic light rather then the extremely damaging press the other two had provided the party. Now he is contending to be their new leader, he has played a gamble but a very clever and calculated hand.

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Colin 11:42 am


Okay, now I'm hungry!

(For the Indian food, not the politics!)

Good work on HUNTING JACK!

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