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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Never That Easy

The choice of venue for our Christmas Lunch last Friday caused quite a stir. There were three camps set out, each with their own agendas. Some people were happy with Cumberland's, a few people planted a flag with Bert's Bar in Stockbridge and there are several who came round to my way of thinking in asking, what is wrong with Clark's?

As it turned out the "shindig" ended up in Cumberland's though that didn't stop me going there via Clark's. I was late, of course, but not bothered in the least.

I met Sarah, the photographer who shot the Fringe Fantastic cover, last night. We met for a pint and so I could give her a copy of the book. As is usual when I am out with Sarah, the couple of pints I told Gail I was only going to have, turned into us not leaving until closing time.

The weekend didn't have much to write home about. Lots of work and errands to do, which by the end of it all meant I was knackered. Really knackered. I got some new fishes on Saturday morning and got my dinner made for me at my MIL's on Saturday night.

That's about it. January isn't going to be as good as I thought; pretty poor in fact. Last week was false hope that I might get through a lot of work. I did pick up towards the end of the week but that was lost this weekend.

Nobody ever said writing was going to be easy. Nobody said it was going to be this hard either, though.

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