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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It was warmer than it looked today. Well, only if you live in Ediburgh, that is. Lots of cloud cover and a stickiness in the air making it a quite an uncomfortable journey to work. The office was roasting, too. Everyone sitting sweltering in the fake heated air; it's just awful.

I experienced a rare moment of surrealism as I made my way to the office, though. A van pulled up and the driver asked directions to get to Dublin Street, in a strong southern Irish accent. For a moment I couldn't remember where I was precisely though I recognised the street name. Then it came to me. We were already in Dublin Street. Weird, eh?

I got into a huge debate today about religion and its effects on terrorism. In the end it was decided we would agreed to disagree, but the person I was conversing with has some pretty remarkable views on the subject. The main thing I took from it was that no matter how much television you watch or newspapers you read, there is no substitute for getting out there and talking to people.

For instance, nobody can know all there is to know about the Ireland conflict unless they have been truly exposed to it. Not until you have met the people involved at the ground, can you begin to really understand. The same goes for the Middle East. The media distorts things for a Western agenda and allows for certain points of view and prejudices to take precedence. The same was true in Ireland but for differing political gains.

My point is this; never assume anything to be true. Ever.

My team has decided to have it's Christmas Night Out this Friday. No, not an early one for Christmas 2006, but a late one for last year. Why? Don't ask. It's all bollocks and typical of this place to try and be different in the name of being cool.

The boss asked for suggestions for the meal so it could be booked in advance. I suggested Clark's Bar since no reservations would be required (as a joke). The next thing I know we're all going to Cumberland's up the road because Clark's is "not very upmarket."

Hmmm. Not upmarket? Just because you order your food from the owner who is always more pissed than any of her customers, rather than select a sandwich from one of the platters on the bar? I don't think so. In Clark's you get no smell of bleach filling your nostrils, you get a good pint every time, you get good banter and you don't get pretentious east-coasters making snobby comments about other people's locals.

If the Cumberland Bar is upmarket, I'll sit in Clark's every time.

I played a blinder at the snooker this evening. I won 8-0; my best result and best performance ever. It topped off a good day. In fact, no matter how much writing I do or don't get through this month, January is turning out to be pretty great.

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