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Monday, January 23, 2006


The state of the office is causing much consternation amongst the 'sheep' that work here. The coffee machine is churning out tar with no cups, the lift is broken, there is a new colony of fleas, all but one of the cubicles in the men's toilet has a broken seat, blocked cistern or inability to flush and to top it off the temperature means most folk have the desire to whip off their shirts and bask in the heat.

No matter how much we complain, we get nothing done about it. It's a disgrace. This place is not fit for a rat with syphilis. Nothing against rats, but you get my drift.

Came into to shed loads of work. Too tired to even look at it. I struggled all day to keep from nodding off.

I desperately need to find that spark to get writing. I'm dead without it yet it spurs me so much even in its absence.

Loaded rejected from Open Wide Magazine.

Sums the whole thing up really. This is the worst start to a writing year I've ever had.

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Colin 3:09 pm


Hang in! Thinking of you! That workplace sounds awful - hope you can find something better or hope things improve.
There have been articles all over the past few days about scientific proof that January 23 is the worst day of the year for people.

So, you see, it gets better from here!
You sound like you're down in the dumps, Col. Hope something cheers you up soon! It can't get worse, right?


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