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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Time Alone

Laura has her first dancing show tonight and so most of the day was taken up getting her ready for it; makeup, hair, costume order – all stuff I know little about. So I was a good morale provider. Gail volunteered to work behind the scenes (tomorrow we will all be in the audience) and seemed to be getting a buzz from it.

All of the preparations meant that I had the house to myself for large chunks of the day.

So I wrote.

I wrote my first poem in a couple of months and called it Perfect Place. It’s about the river in the village I grew up in as a boy and spent a lot of time fishing, sitting and just watching nature. Having lived in various cities so long now I often think back to those days and the feeling of being part of nature, and I found myself dreaming of it today. The poem came naturally.

Gail and Laura came back from the rehearsals and I had dinner waiting for them – scampi and chips. Then they were off to the theatre again so I ordered myself a Thai Chicken Curry – deliciously hot and chunky. Then I started redrafting the issues of HJ I wrote on Friday night while drunk, and surprisingly, found that most of it didn’t need much changing. Jackie got into a fight, which has altered people’s view on him, and that will include the readers as well. But I like the context it was written in and the edge it has now given Jackie so I kept it in.

Hallowe'en isn't the same as it used to be, and I don't just say that because I have grown up. I still feel the excitment in the air I used to get when going out dressed up to visit houses and do performances. But in my day there were several of us that would go about and visit loads of houses in the neighbourhood. It was a real adventure when I think back and we always came home with bags full of sweets and fruit. (The fruit always went off!).

Nowadays, and this may just be Edinburgh I'm not sure, you don't see many kids out abd when you do there are loads of adults as well. Our door only got knocked once and it was the wee girl from next door with her Mum. We were the only house she was visiting so I scrambled the sweets I could and gave them to her.

This brings me onto tomorrow's dancing show that Laura is in. Parents aren't allowed to film or photgraph the event and this same rule applies to school shows as well. The reason? Peadophiles have ruined it for everyone. I may be cynical, but I can't help thinking the drop in Guysers and the ban on video are somehow connected by this. This country needs to get tough.

It has been a hard weekend. I count my blessings I have Gail to fall back on.

Tomorrow is a new day.
Colin 10:57 pm



Is the dance studio videotaping Laura's dance show? Perhaps they will sell copies. If not, be sure to take plenty of pictures of her.


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