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Monday, October 25, 2004

Forcing The Issues

The morning news held some disturbing local drama: one of the bars I drink in from time to time (last week with my wife for one), was firebombed late last night. Two men walked into The Lighthouse on The Shore in Leith and threw the device injuring one man before fleeing up the road. Why? One would expect to find there is some connection with gang warfare involved but in a lot of these cases it is just down to mindless violence brought on by drugs in some way or another. It is a sad reflection on society when you can’t have a drink in a bar without having to wonder about the ‘element’ ruining it for everyone else. No doubt they will catch the culprits and they will get off with some lenient sentence as usual.

Read the story here

I pushed the ball further by spending time fishing out the various other Glasgow and Edinburgh student publications and noting their details. I will get the press release for HJ to them as soon as possible.

I was updating my submission tracker and decided to insert an extra column to indicate the overall status of each piece of work because of the clutter of submissions. It seems my poem, Robots, has been sitting alone since it was rejected on August 26th so I headed over to various e-Zine listing sites and found PNG Poetry Online. They are currently calling for submissions and as I think the poem fits its style I submitted it when I got home. Technically Robots isn’t a SF genre poem, but it seems to have been picked up like that by everyone who reads it so I shall try the market. It has to have a home and I have grown strangely fond of it.

I wrote two issues of HJ – 22 and 23. Issue 23 is going to need a lot of work done on it. Consisting mostly of dialogue, I found myself struggling to really get into it and it came out more like a script. Still it means progress of over 2k words so I am pleased with that. I have found in the past when this happens and I go back to pad it out, it comes to me easier on another day and I end up stretching it into 3 or 4 really good issues instead of 1 or 2 bad ones.
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