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Saturday, October 23, 2004


I knew today wasn’t going to be a writing day. We are almost at the point of being able to say the refurbishment of our kitchen is complete but there is still a fair bit to do. And today was all about painting, so I figured if I could get through a lot today, tomorrow I would be free to get a full days writing done.

And so I painted, and painted and recoated. It was awkward, boring and not fun at all, though with Gail doing other parts it felt like we were a real team and that was satisfying. My wife is incredibly independent – it’s one of the things that attracted me to her in the first place; the fact that she does her own thing, won’t be walked over by anyone and gives as good as she gets. She already had her independence before I came along, and it’s one of her best qualities. Which is why doing things together isn’t always possible, but today it all clicked into place.

After all the work was out the way we tidied up and welcomed a couple of Gail’s friends over to the house. I stayed out the way of the female banter and spent the evening trying to fix my email. I had checked it in the morning but Outlook Express hung and despite various reinstalls, application patches and reconfiguring of the registry, it just would not work. My midnight my patience was wearing thin so I left it alone and hit the hay. With a build up HJ issues and other important emails expected, this failure could become a serious problem before long.
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