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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Revenge Of Lothian Buses

This morning was a complete disaster. Having written until nearly 1am last night I woke up even more shattered than yesterday, but managed to crawl out of bed for the meeting with the big-wigs.

I boarded the bus with the best intentions, convinced it would be a worthwhile investment of my time. The bus roared easily up Leith Walk and as we were navigating the roundabout next to The Playhouse, it sounded as if the driver attempted to change gear. Only the gear never made it and the bus slowed to a halt, whining and groaning.

There we sat, with a queue of cars building up around us and nowhere to go. By the time the big-wig coffee morning started, I was still sat on the bus waiting for the cavalry to arrive so we could be safely escorted from the bus.

I was now in a dilemma; walk in nearly an hour late to the informal big-wig session, or forget about it. I chose the former, figuring it would be the best thing to do under the circumstances. Since I had left the house without a coffee, I made my way to Starbucks, sat down with my notebook and ordered a cappuccino. A most pleasant way to spend the morning I’m sure you will agree.

My lunch appointment was still on however, and I met up with Ruth – an old friend and colleague from my Glasgow working days. We went to a Chinese equivalent of a “greasy-spoon” café, and enjoyed a nice lunch and confab about may things, past and present.

Ruth has recently embarked on an Art Degree course at the Edinburgh School of Art. It’s part-time between her job and it sounds like it’s a great move for her. We talked about her course and my writing and I think she is feeling the same way I did when I first started to write in a serious way. I’m delighted for ,her and it’s good to have another person to chat to about the “artist’s mind” in person.
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