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Friday, October 22, 2004

"Hi I'm Colin. I'm a writer."

Today shot past. I spent the morning in meetings and in the afternoon I reworked the press release for PRWeb and submitted it. Some of Iain’s suggestions were straight out the tabloid book of puns but really helped to spice up the copy. It shall be released Monday 25th and I also intend to release to some specific UK targets then as well.

I met my pal Zander after work for a few pints down in Hamilton’s of Stockbridge. We met up with his pal and sister and some of his bowling chums before moving onto Hector’s – a real posers palace.

Normally I wouldn’t write about this stuff but I made an interesting development amongst some people I was meeting for the first time. For the first time, I introduced myself as a writer and not as an employee of [insert faceless company name here]. It felt good, and I was surprised by the reaction I got.

For a long time I have been expecting to be treated as another wishful thinker, to be laughed at, or be branded one of the “Oh I always wants to write a book” brigade, and was prepared to have to hide my anger. I take my writing seriously and it is absorbed in me as much as I in it, so you can start to see where this comes from.

Instead, the people I spoke to were actually interested to hear about what I wrote about, and more specifically the research that goes into it. I ended up having lengthy discussions about homelessness and world travel, and had a really good night out.

Not only am I really starting to think of myself as a professional writer, but my peers are also. And that feels good. Another step towards being free from the mundane.
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