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Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Business End

With all the paint dry we could get all our stuff back into the kitchen where it belongs which is a relief. There was a bit of worry that the wall paint wasn’t the shade Gail wanted and I thought for a horrible minute we would have to go buy more and start again, but thankfully, she liked it.

I managed to fix my email and downloaded a barrage of mails that had been queuing on the server. There was quite a lot from Madness fans interested in the new album release for next year and I also had another booking request come in from a French agency, which I passed on. Can’t see them taking next years tour to the continent but if the price is right…

I worked my through my Writers & Artists Yearbook and used it to put together a spreadsheet for tracking press releases and all the different organisations' contact details. The release that is to go out via PRWeb is good, but I changed it for this set of releases to incorporate more local and individually appropriate information. It went out to all the Scottish national papers, the local Glasgow and Edinburgh one’s, the Edinburgh and Paisley University papers and various local and national magazines and ezines. I could not for the love of God find out how to submit to The Scotsman so I’ll grab a copy in the morning. They only have a form and I don’t want to send it via that but I may have to. Failing that, I’ll mail them a hard copy. I also still have to submit to the Glasgow Uni papers.

To read tomorrow's scheduled PRWeb Press Release for Hunting Jack, CLICK HERE

HJ issues 18, 19, 20 and 21 were all read through one last time and submitted to KIC and I also finished redrafting Heart of a Child, which I wrote for a competition. I was scanning for places that would be appropriate for submission and I checked out a link on my writers' forum listing places my colleagues preferred. I settled on Wildchild, and made the submission.

Note for this week: Got to keep the ball rolling!
Colin 11:27 pm


Your Press Release is awesome! Good luck with it.


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