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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Production Line Problems

I was stuck in meetings all morning, and it was a nightmare. In fact the last couple of days have been pretty dire in here – more rumours are circulating of another round of pay-offs in the New Year. I am also hearing that some teams can expect not to get a pay-rise at all. This is bad. Somehow I wish I were one of the lucky ones that got made redundant only a few short months ago.

I’m putting on weight again. More than likely down to the many drinking sessions I have had the fortune of attending of late, but I’m lacking in energy and need to get the buzz back that only adrenalin packed heart can give. Four years ago I ran the Glasgow Half-marathon, and since then I have declined slowly back to my old ways. I don’t think it’s so much what I eat – more a case of when. A lot of the time I go without a dinner and sit and write thousands of words into my PC. Then by 10pm I get hungry and have a couple of cheese rolls or something - which isn’t the time to be eating at all. I need to get that sorted but I won’t be doing the marathon again. The training alone takes up too much time and commitment and with all the projects I am involved I simply cannot afford it. An hour a night, every couple of nights should do the trick.

I want to speed up my writing production line. Hunting Jack is turning out roughly 3 or 4 polished issues per week, which equates to roughly 4,000 words. This week has been good and I have also completed two short stories for submission. But I want to keep the production line moving. I have so much on that a day without writing plays on my mind and I get irritated. I want - need - to be writing more and varied work. I'm still wavering over this novel in a month plan, and I have enough to be going on with.

Iain got back to me over my press release for HJ and has advised some excellent alterations. The bloke has read thousands of these things over the years and so I trust him - well, as far as I can throw him - he does work for News of the World!! ;-). I shall read over the changes and take a look at his suggestions and hopefully get the release submitted tomorrow. I'm also gathering up local and other Scottish newspapers wth a view to advertising.

My pal Rob popped over tonight to escape the Virgin Vie (make-up) party his girlfriend is having – which Gail was at. We had a couple of beers and watched The Godfather, which was great and it was good to catch up again. I never got any writing done though, so I need to make sure this weekend from Friday onwards is a productive one. That’s three nights on the trot and nothing of serious worth has been put on paper. Itchy fingers are now a serious problem.
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