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Saturday, October 30, 2004

I'll Get By With A Little Help.....

Today was better.

I received an amazing display of support from the people at my writing group. I almost feel guilty for having underestimated them so much, but having spoken with them, feel a hundred times better. Some of them read my blog, and so thank you again - you know who you are.

My friend Paul was through visiting Edinburgh with some of his pals on a stag session, so I met him for a beer in The Beehive at Grassmarket. I was going to take them to The Last Drop, but they had already been and gone before I arrived. They were all firemen - Gail would have loved it!

We had a laugh, and I forgot about stuff but had to leave them early to go into work. I was home by 11pm and totally shattered from the last two days.

A lot of my friends - real friends – the group that I would trust with my life and who have always been there – are coming through to Edinburgh on Wednesday. Most have the day off and are in the country at the same time as one another, which in itself is a rarity, so I have taken the Wednesday and Thursday off. I cannot wait to meet up with them again. I never laugh so much when we are all together. It will probably get messy as the meet-up turns into a giant party – but we only get to do it once every few months so roll on Wednesday.
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