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Thursday, October 07, 2004

More Twists And Turns

Got in late last night after an epic battle on the snooker table with my father-in-law. I won 5-4 and it went down to the wire, potting a hard pink and black to win the match. I also scored my highest personal break of 27 during the tightly fought encounter. And now this morning I am shattered – such is the way.

I got an email from the editor at KIC Magazine with the details of what she is looking for in the Website Development column. This is going to be great fun. I had no time at work to develop anything so I brainstormed a few ideas in the evening and came up with an idea for the travel column. I will get to these over the next few days hopefully, and the travel article will require some research and photography to be arranged.

I re-read Issue 16 of HJ and got into a fankle with the first paragraph. Every time I tweaked the words it just didn’t sound right. No flow and the descriptions seemed skewed after each re-write. I re-drafted it several times, looked away, started again, re-wrote it nearly a dozen times. I stopped, worked through the rest of the issue (which was mostly fine), then went back to Para 1 and tweaked it again. I decided enough was enough and left it till tomorrow to look at and see if it makes any more sense.

I went into Issue 17 pretty much blind, but it proved to hold another surprise for me. Another character is involved in the story and her name is Paula Cairns, a nurse from Paisley who is a side character, although as it turns out, proves to be quite a useful for our Jack. Keeping track of these developments is tricky and between each issue I always find myself asking, “Does this fit with the overall flow and scheme?” Most of the time it does, but sometimes it has to be altered. Issue 17 takes me down another unplanned route, but this is the fun of doing this kind of work. Funny how this writing goes – just when you think you know what’s round the corner…
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