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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Another Exciting Project

I hate it when people stand by your desk and instead of clearing their throat with one single hack, choose to cough, and gurgle every twenty seconds instead. Then there are the ones who have a conversation right above your head when you are trying to concentrate on the small amount of work that has come your way. Do none of these people see me sitting here with my face getting redder then finally getting up and walking away round the building just to get away from it? It’s like a scene from the invisible man, and I am the one who is invisible! I’m not unsociable by any stretch of the imagination, but I do object to people who are rude and don’t even have the courtesy to check themselves out!

Rant over.

I decided to accept the invitation of coffee with the Company Secretary and the IS Director in a fortnight. I have arranged lunch with an old pal after it, but that is not my reason for going. There are a lot of rumours circulating in here once more, similar to they way they did a couple of months prior to us being old of the redundancy programme. There are two of these; first, that we are about to be bought over by a large Bank in the area. Second, that early next year there are to be more redundancies in this department.

Therefore, I am going to have coffee with the top man, and as well as take in the superb view from office that overlooks Edinburgh Castle, I am going to be wearing my journalistic hat. I am going to ask both of these people, in a polite and subtle way of course, all about what is happening and pass on the feelings of my colleagues. I won’t be doing this to make them squirm (though I will be reading Man Watching by Desmond Morris before I go!), but it is the nearest to the top brass I will ever get (or want to be) so I might as well make the most of it.

I read over HJ issues 15 through 17 and am very pleased with the way they have worked out. I sent issue 15 to my Editor.

I also submitted a proposal to write a column for KIC Magazine and it was accepted. I am going to write a regular slot all about Website Development for Writers. I have been sent my “assignment” already and am really looking forward to getting my teeth into this. The Editor also asked I send in contributions for the Travel column which she may also use.

Things really are moving forward nicely!
Colin 1:07 pm


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