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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A Cold Wind Blows

It is much, much colder today. If this is still autumn then we are looking ahead to a bitter winter just like the so-called “experts” are predicting. It’s always cold here during winter, and it is worsened by the roaring winds that blow over the rock Edinburgh sits upon. There’s no escaping the wind-chill factor it, freezing numb faces and cold-drying skin. The jumper and warm coat sellers make a fortune here.

On the subject of weather, I added a weather tracker to my site for Edinburgh - it's over there somewhere on the right panel ---->

I spent most of the afternoon putting together a press release for Hunting Jack. NOT the easiest thing I ever had to do – almost as bad as a synopsis in fact. It took me ages to get a first draft together then I enlisted my old chum Iain – Deputy Editor of News of the World (one of the UK’s leading red-tops and Beckham agitators) – to have a look, which he duly obliged.

I received an email from my editor at KIC; she is looking for theatre reviews from across the globe. She has sent the request out twice, and both times mentioned Scotland specifically and so my nose started to twitch. I posted to my forum asking for any pointers which I received. I’m not sure if I will do this. I like going to see plays and have seen the odd musical from time to time but I’m not any kind of authority on the subject, and so don’t know how much I could put into a review. I have done concert reviews in the past, but they weren’t up to much – more biased passion than anything constructive. I shall see.

I won 5-4 at snooker in the evening - it was a good laugh. I am conscious though of having been out two nights in a row and I now have a queue of 5 HJ issues waiting to be submitted as well as everything else. I am feeling the squeeze of time being placed around my head - I must get a grip and get more done.
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