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Friday, August 06, 2004

Sunshine On Leith

Summer has arrived, and as is the norm here nobody knows what to do with it or how long it will last. True to form, all the cafes and bistros spilled their furniture onto the pavements, jumpers were swapped for T-shirts, and not a single person knew where to put their umbrella.

As this is the second day of my babysitting duties, I decided to head up town again with Laura. I had some things to do anyway - pick up a kilt for a wedding I am going to up in Dunblane tomorrow (lets hope the weather holds out), and I had to buy a card for a friend who just became a father for the first time.

I can't remember it being this warm for quite a while - we are talking WELL over 20 degrees centigrade! (60F). It's amazing how people in Scotland think the sun is a tourist attraction from the equator. No wonder the rate of skin cancer in this country has gone through the roof in recent years. It's perhaps even more amazing to think statistics like that last one are actually believable!

It turned out to be quite a productive day after all the necessities were taken care of - I had a load of updates to my Madness website that have been needing looked at, including some video clips of a gig I went to recently. I also worked my way through a load of e-mails from fans of the band that were in need of directions or information. Once all that was out the way I started developing some notes and story ideas in full using the scribbles I found lying on my desk during yesterdays clean up exercise. Got some great ideas to use but won't be able to do any real writing now until Sunday. I want to get a couple of short stories completed next week, get a few more poems down, and move my novel into the next phase. I submitted several poems to 'The Poetry Kit Magazine' and 'Zygote In My Coffee' late last night also, so hopefully one will get lucky.
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