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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Opened our calendar's and had bacon sandwiches for breakfast this morning while watching Spongebob Squarepants and our weekly dose of Narnia. I know, I'm such a big kid. But Christmas means I can go over the top just as much as the wee ones. Doesn't it?

Did a bit of tidying up before my folks popped in for a wee visit. I got my Christmas present early from them since it is some I've been after for quite a while. A new 17-inch flat-screen monitor for my PC. It looks awesome in the room, makes my desk look much more tidy, allows me to have better arm and wrist posture while I write, and means I am not straining my eyes with the monitor being so close to me.

Wrote another four pages of Slick after dinner. It turned out to be the penultimate chapter. One more to go that I shall complete tomorrow. I won't consider the first draft to be finished though as there are some sections that have to be added in, not so much as fillers, but that are needed for the story to be complete. So although I'm sitting at 73k just now with one chapter left, there is still several thousand to go over all.
Words today: 1536

Before I close off for the day, here some pictures of the new Tropical Fish my Dad brought through from Glasgow for my community aquarium. I now have a new Red Tailed Black Shark, a replacement Blue Ramerizi, my first Jack Dempsey and my first Firemouth chichlids. All are superb specimens and their colours awesome to look at.

Red Tailed Black Shark ©

Blue Ramerizi ©

Jack Dempsey ©

Firemouth ©

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