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Saturday, December 02, 2006


Seven years to this very day I went with a girl I hardly knew on a first date. I got the train through from Glasgow on a freezing cold day and met her at the top of the steps outside Waverley station. We went for coffee, bought some records, then went to the pub. 40p extra for a double. We talked about music. We talked. We got pissed. My kinda girl. We married 9 months and 2 years later.

Back to my normal Saturday routine but I deliberately did not go anywhere near anything that remotely resembled a shop. I really cannot be arsed with shopping at any time of the year and December just proves my point. I cannot stand the browsing, queuing, hanging around, double-browsing and so on and so forth. Every female that reads this post today will now be shaking their head, and muttering to themselves, "typical bloody male."

I am not ashamed.

Stopped by the aquarium shop for a gander. They had Blind Cave Fish in; wee white, almost albino in appearance fishes that stumbled around lost and disorientated their entire lives. I almost bought half a dozen just out of sympathy.

I solved the problem with the filter when I got back by attaching a new adapter that allows air in through a tube. This means the filter can lie under water and instead of sending jets of water out over the surface, it releases streams of bubbles into the water from way below. It means the fish will get healthy water, but I've lost the ripple sound of a mountain stream flowing through the room. Instead it sounds more like a kid blowing through a straw into a glass of Coke.

I decided who it was that gets killed off, kind of, and moved forward with Slick. Despite the decision, I still had some amount of final planning in order to be sure the move into the ending is the way it needs to be in order to fit and be 'real'. Getting there, though the wrapping up bit is tougher than I imagined and nothing like the original I had planned.

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Colin 10:55 pm


Good work on Slick.

And, clever of you to make us wait and not tell us which one is offed!

I hear you, shopping wise. I do as little as possible when the wankers are out in force.

Happy Anniversary on the best first date of your life!

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