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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gests Only, No Celebrities

The gale force winds have died down at last. Could hardly sleep last night for the noise and as for my poor wee bunnies, well, they must be scared shitless out in it. You'd never know mind you judging by their average output of daily poop.

Took a new, quicker route to work just to break things up a bit seeing since I slept in by an hour (yes - 6.30am is a wasted morning these days).

Can anyone tell me what is important about this man?

Why should he be making a "special stage appearance" at last night's Royal Variety Performance? Two weeks ago his reputation in the UK was as the freak who married Mannelli. Now, because he spent two weeks scratching his bollocks in the jungle for a reality TV programme, he's suddenly everyone's favourite person and that qualifies him to be making special appearances for The Prince of Wales! Am I the only one who doesn't get this shit? Or am I the only one that sees reality TV for what it is - patronising, dumbed down, unimaginative television.

By mid-morning I was stressed with the amount of shit I had to deal with at work. Some people don't seem to understand the concept of "work remits"; the term used to describe what is and what isn't your job. I'm not sure I do either, because no matter how many times I tell some people that "it's not mine" or "I'm not doing it" they still don't seem get it. Or is it me? The new regime permits a certain amount of shit stirring, shit deflecting and shit-thick beaurocracy. Good or bad? Take a wild guess.

I took time away from Slick today. I just wasn't in the frame of mind for it and I didn't want to push it. Instead I worked more on my 2007 GDR and on the cover for Poolside Poetry. I'm still trying to pick a font but I discounted around thirty chosen fonts and now I'm down to about a dozen. It doesn't get any easier though, trying to find the right fit and image.
Colin 9:28 pm


I think picking a font is the hardest part of the process.

I hate reality TV. Why are these people paid to be their worst selves?

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