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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Come On Eileen!

I felt absolutely shattered today. Really, really tired. A major sleep is required to catch up on all my early mornings stints.

Got the Hunting Jack synopsis down from eighteen pages to seven. It needs to be about four or five for the submission and as it gets tighter, the harder it gets. I'm still not sure if I'll submit it. I need to do some more research I think. I need more information not so much about the publisher I'm going to submit to, but about the whole e-book versus trad-book thing. "Go with my gut," said Devon in yesterday's post, but my gut feeling is clouded. It's weird.

Did some more work on Slick, adding in a couple of new scenes and researching another. I finally realised why the ending is so crap. It's because it's NOT the ending and another chapter is required to finish it off. Once I realised it was an, "of course it is!" moment. It all suddenly made sense, and so I'll start work on that tomorrow.

The plans are almost finalised for this years Madness UK tour. Click here to see footage of Madness in rehearsals this week. Laura asked me if I was still making her a pair of dungarees for the Glasgow gig. Say what? It's not Dexy's Midnight Runners we're going to see!

Words today: 1347
Colin 9:57 pm


With SLICK, isn't it amazing how trusting in the story will get you where you want to go?

Regarding HUNTING JACK, what is your vision for the book's future? Are you willing to have it take the time it will take to find the right traditional publisher, or do you want it to be out and about earlier, which, since the e-process tends to be quicker, is what's likely to happen?

In terms of your career, do you want HUNTING JACK to be your debut in traditional format?

Is the wait and the search for the right tradtitional publisher worth it in the bigger picture? Is HUNTING JACK a foundation cornerstone for you or one of the other building bricks in the career?

Answering those questions may help you decide which route to take.

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