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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Armistice Day

Armistice Day. A day for us to remember all those men and women who bravely fought and gave their lives for our freedom in the First World War. A day to remember all those who sacrificed in any war in our country's name. And a thought kept back for those still serving in hostile locations around the word today, least not Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gail did the honours with Laura this morning so no coffee, pastry, bookshops, research or aquarium centre. So I got caught up with some sleep. I rose mid-morning and had some coffee to get my heart started, then settled down to the computer to begin the second half of the NaNo challenge.

Then the door burst open. My FIL had arrived. End of peace. End of house not filled with cigar smoke. Oh happy day, oh glory be.

Managed to write over my daily goal so I was well pleased and in between cleaned out the hutches and gave all the animals a run in the garden. Finished up and got ready for beer and curry in the evening over in Musselborough. A nice end to a productive day, despite only getting a couple of hours actual writing time overall. On target for another 5k weekend though.

NaNo words today: 2246

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