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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Silly Poems Strikes A Chord

Very tired this morning. It took a long time with my head held up and my eyes open facing the stream of hot water before I began to feel human again. It then took a further two coffees and one strong espresso from the work machine to complete the process.

Got some lovely feedback about one of my free ebooks today. I had got into conversation last week with one of the women I work with and we got talking about my writing. She checked out my website from home and came across Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.1 (download it over there <----- ), which she asked for a printed copy of for her daughter. I printed it off yesterday and signed a wee note for her.

This morning her Mum told me that she thought it was "Really good" and that she was "cheesing" about it. Whatever that means.

It doesn't matter who it's from, when someone likes your work you feel awesome. Especially when it's children - the hardest to please and the toughest critics in the world!

I never got much done until the evening. It was a battle to get started, but it was an upward curving slope as I got into it. Some of the prose was just downright awful but that can be changed later. I wanted to break 40k before the weekend and I did. Didn't want to stop by the end of it but had to call it a night eventually.

NaNo words today: 3339

NaNoWriMo Progress

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