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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No Rights For Criminals

Missed my alarm by twenty minutes but my natural rhythm woke me up and so I was able to get back on schedule easily. Couldn't sleep last night which was probably the reason for feeling tired today. I had that scene going through my head and the implications for Ronnie, my protagonist. No going back now.

It's a terrible card been dealt for him but it's probably for the best. It's a poetically just way of making him see through the shit to who he is. Only problem is he's still a wanted man, and those people aren't going to change their minds as quickly as Ronnie has changed his.

Work was busy. Still got lots of problems with people who have foreheads made of Teflon. It makes for interesting and frustrating conversations. So then I end up sticking on a Teflon mask and walking away from. Some folk just can't see when you are trying to help them.

The rain tumbled down all day. Heavy, saturating rain that only takes seconds to penetrate your outer defences and get to your skin. Walking home I was amazed to see the rivers that had formed running down Restalrig Road. If only it were salmon season.

Quick question: why do British taxpayers have to foot the bill to pay compensation to drug addicts, who took the Home Office to court for making them go Cold Turkey when they were jailed? What kind of fucked up country are we living in? Read the full story

If I was put in jail would I be able to claim for compensation for missing out on my Wednesday night game of snooker? Or perhaps I should be owed money because I won't be able to go to MacDonalds ever again?

Sorry, but you were put in prison for a reason. You lost your rights when you committed your crime - that's meant to be the punishment. It is not meant to be the beginning of your process of whinging because you can't get your heroin injections or anything else you feel you are owed.

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