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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Is It Me?

Back to my normal Saturday morning routine; dance school, coffee and pastry, bookshop, aquarium shop, Greggs, dance school and home.

I forgot my bag with copied of Fringe Fantastic contained, which I was going to take into the book shop on Leith Walk. First cock-up of the day. I couldn't see the bloke when I passed so I'll get in touch with him to re-arrange again.

Then I discovered they've put up the price of the pastries in my coffee shop. £1.50 for a wee piece of delight. They've doubled in size, though, so I forgave them.

Checked out Ian Rankin's new novel, The Naming of the Dead in Waterstone's. Funny to think that the sleeve blurb describes what he was "toying with" when I interviewed him last year. Back then the plot was just an idea based on the G8 with a specific incident involving Rebus and the President of America. Now it's a complete novel, with sub-plots, twists and excitement.

I intended to get some sleep in the afternoon with a long and arduous night shift ahead of me but it wasn't to be. There was too much noise in the house and I just grew more and more annoyed at the prospect of another night with no sleep, this time because I had to be in the office. I gave up and showered, then left early to get in to work.

I stopped off for a chippy on the way, which only frustrated me further. Being a west-coaster I'm not into 'salt 'n' sauce', much preferring the healthier option of 'salt 'n' vinegar'. I never saw the young Polish girl put any salt on my sausage supper (they were out of fish!!!) so I asked her if she had. She confirmed it had been done. I get to the office, pull out my cutlery and opened the bag - no salt! It's not rocket science, a bag of chips and deep-fried sausage, is it?

What's the point. The whole day made me feel like it just didn't want to go my way. Should have stayed in bed. Should have stayed 8 and I could have been out playing on my bike.

Work dragged. Thought of the money coming my way in December's pay for doing it. Tiredness played a big part too, and I thought of my bed quite a lot as well.

Decided to run through Poolside Poetry and see if any of the poems could do with better titles. Some of them I just don't fancy and feel they could work better if they had a different one.
Finally got away around 5am.
Colin 8:50 pm


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