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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Lazed about all day. I have simply no energy to do anything and I'm so overtired I can't sleep. Didn't feel too guilty about it as I thought about Slick and Poolside Poetry most of the time.

It rained more often than it didn't, and when it did, it lashed down. I quite like being inside when it's raining and doing nothing. Staring out at the circular patterns on the pavement puddles. I like being out in the rain more though.

Reading the news of last night's celebrations across Scotland for our win over the French in the Euro Championship qualifiers, it turns out that Glasgow city centre had to be shut down, as well as several bars to accommodate the party.

The Granary in Shawlands for instance - an old drinking haunt from my bachelor days - actually ran out of beer and glasses, and was forced to close its doors to prevent a crush. The city centre was so over-run by people partying that several streets were cordoned off by the police to prevent traffic congenstion.

I can't remember that last time all everyone was talking about was a Scotland match. 15 years at least.
Colin 12:03 pm


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