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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Haiku Brolly

No early start today. Got in late after snooker and a few pints of Guinness last night, then had a cup of tea and cheese sandwich with an episode of Frasier before I went to bed. I am so healthy an eater it is beyond BELIEF!

A couple of interesting projects came in to my email inbox this morning.

The National Short Story Prize 2007 (BBC), has a deadline of October 31st 2006, and is looking for stories up to 8k with a £15k prize. I had a possible entry in mind, but that was canned due to this condition of entry:

2.7 The author must have a prior record of publication in creative writing. This means the author must previously have had works of prose fiction, drama or poetry published by a UK publisher (excluding self-publishing) or established printed magazine in the UK or broadcast by a UK national radio station. "Established" here means a periodical that is published regularly (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly), that has been in circulation for at least the past 12 months, has an ISBN or ISSN number and is not self published. For avoidance of doubt online publishing is also excluded.

A lot of my stuff is published online, and where it's not it's US-based. My poetry books are under my "pseudonym publisher", Smashing Press, Therefore, I do not qualify. Wonderful.

conFAB are running a haiku for an umbrella project that sounds interesting. Special edition brollies will be adorned with haiku and sold with accompanying books of all accepted entries. They are currently looking for submissions - relating to rain, naturally. There's nothing to prevent me entering this one. So I will.

Stopped by the NaNo forums and suggested a Leith branch be formed. I'd much rather be able to meet up with local writers that trooping up to some Edinburgh University campus building where they all seem to be from. Handy for them, but totally out of the way for me.

Did a few website updates to keep my techy animal happy, and worked on Slick as much as I could. Re-wrote Only a Bagel and it is now ready to go back out on submission. Ended up going to bed early and reading for a while, such was my level of tiredness, that I never got round to actually subbing it. I'll do that tomorrow.

Not sure what the coming weekend entails. There's a few possibilities up in the air of activities and things to do. Wouldn't mind a pizza at some point in the proceedings. Or a curry. And a beer.
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