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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Couldn't sleep last night. I hate that.

Tonight was spent preparing a plan for contracting out my writing as a freelancer. I researched markets, scoured the listings and markets, prepared query and email templates, and applied for 7 gigs.

I should have been this organised months ago. It's all about confidence in my ability. I KNOW I can research and I KNOW I can apply myself to a wide range of things. Looking at my literary CV confirms this. It's when I get to the point of, "Do I actually have this in me?" that I start to waver.

Tonight, instead of pressing the wee 'x' in the typed email and forgetting it, I clicked on 'send'.

Fingers crossed.

No fiction done, except a read-through and edit of Water of Leith. Not sure where this would be suitable for quite yet. Something Scottish but I'll keep looking.

It's cold tonight and I'm tired.
Colin 10:59 pm


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