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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tired, but not a bigot

I am so tired. I really wanted to take a night off, but I also wanted to work further on House Call as well as finishing the typing up of Wide Awake so I forced myself into it.

I know I'm tired when I can't find the keys. Normally I have a good typing speed, quite fast through years of practice more than any secretarial qualifications, I think I can manage a fair few words a minute. Never counted of course, but it must be quite high. Anyway, I made loads of errors, my fingers landing on the wrong key, not finding the space or return key and generally ending up with loads of red and green lines on the page. What a mess. But these pieces need a lot of work anyway so I let myself off. Never got it finished though - it's a longer story than I remember!

Did a lot of reading today about various specialities within the freelance writing world. Joined a couple of mailing lists - I left one after about an hour of useless and obscene posts. Why people get a thrill out of full on abuse to other people over the Internet is beyond me. Must be some satisfaction in it for them, I suppose. Total cowards the lot of them. They wouldn't have the guts to say it to me in the street to my face, that's for sure.

I get that a lot. You'd be amazed how many people are intimidated by a large skinhead who frowns a lot. What they don't know is that I'm usually thinking about a story or a poem and not about killing someone (unless it's a crime story), or that I'm actually a bit of a friendly loony who likes things like rabbits and fish and wandering around not hurting people very much.

I've noticed the Gouranga mob spot me, then cross the road to avoid me!

Going to a gig tomorrow night, the same band that I'm going to see in Glasgow on Sunday. I'll be using both of them to form the one article for November's Scotland's Treasure column in The Scruffy Dog Review.

Heard back from one of the freelance gigs. It's a no-go, but the guy was pleasant enough. I should expect that a lot.

Got offered a ticket for the Old Firm match on Saturday. Once upon a time I would have jumped at it. Once upon a time I had a season ticket, but I gave it up for the same reasons I refused the ticket for Saturday - I don't sympathise with Republican or Loyalist terrorists. They're all scum, and I heard enough of it while standing on the Parkhead terraces for over 15 years.

No thanks. I outgrew all that years ago when my priorities changed and I got a mind of my own. Old Firm fans are the most parochial, small-minded, bigoted people you will ever meet. And don't anyone post saying it's the minority that spoil it because I was involved enough to know it poisons board-rooms as much as schools, warehouses, production sites and offices.
Colin 10:16 pm


I have to agree about the OF.
I wish both of them would dissapear over the border as they keep saying they want to. They are nothing but poison. Mon the wee teams

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