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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catch Up

Quick summary of the past few days.

Blockheads gig last Thursday at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh was great. It was great to see them again, though a crowd of about 100 was most disappointing. Gail loved it, saying it was in her top 5 of gigs she's been to, which is quite a compliment. The band are so accomplished and entertaining, but Ian Dury is sadly missed as their front man.

Friday I can't really remember. Saturday I sat for three hours in a theatre to see Laura dance on stage (at the back mostly) for 30 seconds in her end of year show. Wonderful return for the money and time spent all fucking year. Rough estimate would be something like 40 weeks at £6, plus £15 costume hire, plus £50 leotard and dance shoes. Over £300 for 30 seconds, or if you like, the finale of the dance season cost £10 per second.

Nice. Nice and cliquey and wrong. It's the same girls every year who get the glory and the good dances. If you happen to know the owner then you're daughter's quids in.

On Sunday I got the train through to Glasgow to see my sister who had got me tickets to see the Blockheads again, this time at the Carling Academy. It was raining as I got to the station and I slipped three times on the red tarmac covering leading down the slope into the station. Oh how the people stared as I slipped and slapped like a sea lion out of water. Then when I got to the actual tiled area of the station, I slipped again because my feet were so wet. Lovely start to the day.

I got to my sisters and we cracked open the bevy and the tunes. As we made pizza for dinner later on, I slipped in her kitchen and got pineapple juice all up her wall. Couldn't blame that fall on the wet floor though!

The gig at the Academy was nearly cancelled due to a poor turn out. When we went through the door, we were numbers 92 and 93. The capacity of the venue is around 3000, which is why the organisers wanted to cancel the gig. The Blockheads said they wanted to carry on, and so they set up on the small stage in the upstairs bar.

Turned out to be even better than the Edinburgh gig, as these things often transpire to do. I also got to shake the hands of Norman Watt-Roy (bass), Dylan Howe (drums) and Dave Lewis (sax) afterwards.

Monday was a day off, rising late and heading back from Glasgow tired as hell on the bus. Today was about trying to raise my spirits and write something.

Might not be back on the blog for a few days.

Colin 11:51 am


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