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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tidying up a bit too far

Feeling crappy. Nothing that a black pudding supper, bottle of Irn-Bru, and a bottle of vodka wouldn't fix.

I wrote the review of The Blockheads gig for part of December's Scotland's Treasure column. I'll need to write January's column well in advance because December will be a busy month. I might cover the Van Gogh exhibition as well as some up-coming literary shows that are on in Edinburgh. Wouldn't mind seeing a play as well, but money's tight after the holidays and there are some gigs coming up involving The Selecter, Dance Craze and Madness I want to see.

Still got a couple of 'musts-do's' from this month's GDR to complete before Saturday. Not been the busiest of weeks but still found time to apply for a couple of freelance writing gigs.

Last weekend when I was tidying away all the CD's lying around the lounge, I came across an opened birthday card. I assumed it was an old one and threw it away, complete with the year-old cheque it contained, that I just assumed I had forgotten to cash.

This morning Gail asked where it was. I told her. It turned out it was for my birthday in a few days and that my Mum had sent early before going on holiday. Gail had opened it by mistake and hidden it. I called my Mum to tell her and of course, this was the best card she had every bought me because of the Rat Pack picture on the front. Now it's gone, forever. What a week!

Mopsy sat and watched telly with me till late. Just lying there on the ridge of my tummy, legs out-stretched, head between her front feet, eyes slowly drifting to sleep.
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