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Monday, October 02, 2006

September's GDR

Major sore head today from the three bottles of red wine consumed last night for my birthday celebrations. I would have drunk beer but I started the first bottle in the restaurant so I wanted to keep the theme as it's been a while. Besides, when we came home I discovered all my Tennents lager had gone out of date.

I got some nice cards and gifts from everyone, the best being from Forward Press who wrote to me to confirm acceptance of my poem, River Monkeys for publication in their new anthology, A Pocketful Of Fun - A Collection Of Poems For Children, to be published under Anchor Books!

My parents came to visit this afternoon and my sister and her husband also popped in during the afternoon after their own night out in Edinburgh.

I really need a day off. Being woken early by Laura ringing the doorbell then my FIL turning up with his jackhammer really edged me into grumpy territory. I'm tired and need to sleep in a quiet place. Portobello beach seems like a nice spot.

Here's my GDR for September, which I am pleased to say, makes for some damn good reading.

* Type up and finish edits for Wide Awake
* Follow up on Stella
* New round of Stella
submissions to publishers, e-book sites etc. - still waiting on some publishers. May need subsequent editing on names and places.
* Finish editing Regrets
and send out to targeted publishers - finished edits. Submitted.
* Finish writing and editing Amanda and Joe
and 'maybe' send out to targeted publishers - finished edits. Submitted.
* Complete editing A Friend To Die For
to point where left off [read/edited to end of ch.17 (30740/40000 words)] - no work done.
* Work on synopsis for NaNoWriMo novel, Slick
* Keep on top of submissions list - ongoing process. Targetting paying markets and higher profiles.

* Work on new book, Poolside Poetry
- WIP. Problems with photography equipment.
* Write more poetry
* Check listings for performance poetry nights - joined some appropriate mailing lists and plan to attend upcoming events.

* Work on Scotland's Treasure
for November column - Blockheads gig reviewed. Van Gogh exhibition? - WIP
* Set out a plan for actively seeking work in specific markets - wrote out plan, researched markets, prepared templates, applied for several freelance gigs

Marketing and Promotion
* Create new standard Fringe Fantastic
leaflet and poster - not done
* Re-analyse promotion of FF
based on new information gained at Book Festival - not done
* Complete cross-promotion with Fife B&B for Fringe Fantastic
- books waiting to be sent out
* Keep website up to date - full review and update completed this month
* Follow up on PR received - pending. Will combine with new PR from the Fringe - pending

Reading and Research
* Read more poetry - completed as part of interview research on several websites
* Read more short fiction (web/mags) - reading Lifeless
by Mark Billingham. Read and crit several short stories with crit partner who is also working through the exercises I've been doing on TSDR blog.

Other Projects
* Stay on top of editorial work for TSDR - a lot of reading and admin completed
* Work on ARS Anthology - Taken a back seat temporarily, due to other commitments.

Things That Turned Up
* Feedback from Yello management. Expressed mixed opinions on the story and advised that permission from them to my publisher would be required to use their lyrics in the prose. Overall quite negative. Not sure whether I can still use the manuscript as it stands or give them a suitable credit in the book.
* Wrote five new short stories - Amanda and Joe
, House Call, The English Teacher, Only a Bagel, Water of Leith, all as part of the TSDR exercises.

Submissions Made
* 5 poems sent to PSH for Poet of the Week (3 published)
* 2 poems & 1 flash fiction to Zygote in my Coffee
* 1 short story to Pulp
* 1 short story to One Story
* 1 short story to Wildchild
* 1 short story to Crimespree Mag
* 10 freelance writing gigs

* Heart of a Child
published in TSDR Sep issue after call from Brenda. Wouldn't normally sub to my own magazine, but under the circumstances...besides, it's a great story and deserves a good home after all it's been through - rejects, pulls etc.
* Big name Scottish poet agreed to be interviewed by me for The Scruffy Dog Review (still waiting for date)
* Became Poet of the Week on the Poetry Super Highway website, 17th-24th September
* Forward Press accepted River Monkeys
for publication in their new anthology, A Pocketful Of Fun - A Collection Of Poems For Children (Anchor Books)

* Daffodils
"rejected" by This Is It Mag - looks like they've gone out of business, but taking as rejection anyway 1/9

Fiction - 9,510
Non-Fiction - 14,450
Poetry - 0

Outstanding Submissions
Short Fiction
Pulp 1
Zygote in my Coffee 1
3am Magazine 1
Barcelona Review 1
The Portable Muse 2
Crimespree Magazine 1
Web Mystery Queried
One Story 1
Wildchild 1

Zygote in my Coffee 2


Wrote a lot of fiction and worked on some interesting new characters. Not feeling any pressure for the next poetry book and got through a lot of poetry and freelance/non-fiction work. I'm pleased. Very pleased. Next step is to keep the fiction moving along, try to bag a few freelance assignments and gear up for NaNoWriMo by ensuring all pre-research and notes are as complete for the beginning of November so I can give it my best shot without leaving myself too tied in to a plot. It will work better without restraints, though there has to be some directional guidance.
Colin 12:59 pm


Happy Belated Birthday!

You got a lot done in September, and new vistas are opening for you, writing-wise. Way to go!

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